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We will support your company's development and partnering.

Reliable Total Support

We will provide total support from investigation to after-sales follow-up.

OJAD Consulting for Creating Value 
~We will support corporate value improvement from a companywide perspective~
  • ・Stock listing support
  • ・Support for formulating medium-term management plan
  • ・Funding procurement
  • ・Internal control improvement support
  • ・M & A consulting
  • ・Building for business model · Support for new product development


We will support the implementation of market surveys, business environment surveys, etc. that form the basis of business plan formulation in order to promote business development overseas with different business environments. 

  • Market research
    Market size · Needs for products · Distribution environment etc.
  • Business environment survey
    Legal regulation · Foreign capital regulation · Production environment · Labor environment etc.


We will assist you in planning overseas business such as planning overseas sales and overseas expansion of your company.
Also, when fundraising is necessary for overseas deployment, we also support financing support and subsidies.

  • Support for overseas expansion plan development
    • ・Basic Strategy
    • ・Marketing strategy / plan
    • ・Product development strategy / plan
    • ・Production strategy / plan
    • ・Human resource strategy / plan
    • ・Alliance strategy / plan
    • ・Operation strategy / plan
    • ・Financial strategy / plan
  • unding procurement support · Utilization assistance fund assistance
    Based on overseas business plan and company-wide plan etc, we will formulate a financial plan and support up to implementation. We will also support the utilization of subsidies that are suitable for your company.


We will support you as a partner of your overseas business so that our overseas deployment plan can be implemented smoothly and effectively.

  • Overseas marketing support
    We will arrange products for domestic sales to product specifications suitable for overseas markets.
    br※ Japan specification ⇔ Taiwan specification
  • Brand building support
    We will support brand building reflecting the features of overseas markets.
  • Product development · Business model building support
    We will support product development and business model building aiming at overseas market utilizing your company's strengths and management resources.
  • M & A · Alliance
    We support M & A (corporate acquisition / merger) and alliances (business alliance) including capital participation, which are effective for entering new business and overseas expansion.
    ※ M & A strategy formulation, due diligence, negotiation, financing etc.
  • License agreement support
    • (1) negotiation of license agreement
    • (2) negotiation of collaborative development / development consignment contract
    • (3) negotiation of rights transfer agreement
    • (4) intellectual property evaluation and utilization
  • Support for overseas expansion
    • (1) Looking for local partners
    • (2) Making partnership negotiations with MOU
    • (3) Establishing a local subsidiary
    • (4) Local office / factory opening

04Follow up

We will continue to support you as your partner even after overseas expansion. We will support your company's corporate value improvement not only from the overseas department but also from the company-wide optimum perspective.

  • Follow-up support
    We will continue to provide support for your business to progress smoothly even after entering overseas.

Consulting example

We support the creation of new value by "tsunagu(connect)" to various scenes.
For example, We can help you with such a request.

company A"I'd like to sell products overseas, so I would like to find a local business partner."

  • Product analysis of product of company A,and Investigate the market environment to which the product belongs overseas.
  • Selected local business partners who can further increase product value.
  • Introduction to Company A.tsunagu
Achievement goal
We support hearing, product capability analysis and market survey to client companies, select and introduce distributors who can become the best business partner for Company A, thereby supporting smooth business start overseas, We will contribute to expansion.

company B"An advance to foreign countries is for the first time, so I want you to support it."

  • A description of business is analyzed based on acquisition of related information and hearing to company B.
  • After conducting market research and business environment survey overseas, we propose to form overseas business plan for Company B.
  • In the execution phase, in addition to introducing the companies and personnel required for the start of business as a local partner etc., arrange procedures for establishing negotiations with them and procedures for establishing a local office.
  • After the start of the project, we will continue to support for the sustainable development of Company B business.tsunagu
Achievement goal
Continually support from the planning stage to the execution process, we will contribute to the smooth launch of overseas business of Company B and ongoing business development.

company C"I want you to support opening of the stall to Okinawa and an advance."

  • Based on prior hearing to Company C, conduct business environment surveys such as market research and submit a survey report on "Proposal of optimal opening environment".
  • Based on the survey report and our advice, Company C has decided on specific methods of entering (locally incorporated corporations, factories, establishment of offices, etc.), areas to be established, etc. and formulated the final "Okinawa opening plan".
  • Company C execution to the plan to open a store in Okinawa, and we support smooth plan execution.tsunagu
Achievement goal
We contribute to realization of a smooth advance to Okinawa.

company D"I'm planning to expand overseas, but I would like to raise funds needed for that."

  • We conducted additional surveys on the business environment etc. required for overseas expansion.
  • ormulated an optimal financing plan for Company D. (Integration of overseas expansion plan of Company D into business plan / medium-term management plan formulated from the perspective of the entire company).
  • Support financing activities from financial institutions, investors, government.tsunagu
Achievement goal
We realize financing from financial institutions, investors, administrative offices, etc., and planned and balanced overseas business and capital based on individual plan such as medium-term management plan etc., overseas expansion plan, financial plan etc. We will make advancement possible.
Other consultation are also available.
Our consulting service provides optimal opening / expansion deployment support for mutual advancement between regions of Japan, Okinawa and overseas (Taiwan etc.).
We will be a bridge and we will do our utmost to support companies and companies for Tsunagu(connect).
Other consulting menus are available, so please feel free to contact us once.